The Chinese Communist Party is an Evil Cult

There’s a good reason the US government banned communists from naturalizing. The Chinese Communist Party is essentially an evil cult, a tyrannical government that has brainwashed millions and is openly pushing its arm into overseas media.

The communist government is constantly disseminating the sentiment that China can’t handle a democracy. This is (not because they genuinely believe democracy is flawed but) because they are too afraid of being overthrown from their reign. While some people may argue that the Communist Party has raised n-people out of poverty, but is worth killing 80 million people, destroying thousands of years of priceless Chinese culture and getting China known worldwide as the capital of low quality mass production? The communist government is afraid of Taiwan because it’s a success story of a group of Chinese people who founded a thriving sovereign state without its influence. Trust me, I’m not an absolute fan of democracy, nor do I like Tsai, I think democracy is easily manipulated by fraud, lobbyists and bankers. But in my opinion any system is superior to an “atheocratic” “progress at all costs” regime.

Some may argue that China is no longer communist, but capitalist or colloquially, “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” But this is simply an evasive strategy to encourage people examine CCP politics through a purely economic lens. In fact, the CCP is more like a malevolent religious cult than a legitimate political system:

  1. Charasmatic Leader: President of CCP, Politburo (Clergy).
  2. Totalitarian: Infidels are sent for re-education.
  3. Exploits/Manipulates Members: People are seen as workers to further the party’s ideal, not the national or individual’s interest.
  4. Calling other religious movements “evil cults” even though they, (the CCP) themselves, demonstrates a cult-like structure much more than any other said religious group.

It’s also a false equivalency, and an understatement to equate the CCP to the Nazis because while the Nazis only targeted foreign migrants and minorities in Germany during war times, the CCP attacks the minorities, majorities, almost all peaceful religions and anyone else they dislike or see as a political threat during “peace” times.

Imagine you were wealthy or educated during the 1900s, and you knew how terrible the Communist Party was. You would be most likely be robbed of all your wealth by the Chinese Communist Party. Your private property confiscated by the Communist Party. You will be walking around with a board around your neck whilst being bashed by ordinary people who’ve been brainwashed by the communists. You hate the Chinese Communists and most likely not believe in Communism.

On the contrary, if you were a laborer who worked long hours. The Communist Party gives you a small share of money they probably stole from the wealthy. You are so happy for the Communist Party and you’ll probably join in their harmful propaganda even though they might have given only 20% of the money stolen to you and kept 80% for themselves. These people usually have a pro-Communist mindset. The Chinese people today are happy with their lives even though they’re living on the breadcrumbs of the higher-ups.

So why is Communism more accepted than Nazism?

It’s because humanity as a whole has been leaning towards accepting communism. Influenced by progressive media in the 21st century, communism has been coined as a great ideology in theory, why is this? It’s because the people today no longer care about what “does good” but shifted their focus on what “feels good.” Communism is built on the principles of distributing wealth, and bloody oath, do people want money for doing absolutely nothing.

Fascism and Nazism on the other hand, is “all about the evil hateful white supremacists” and “racist homophobic bigots” even though they more or less follows a natural tribalistic meritocracy that respects individual achievement. I am not implying that fascism is better than communism, but that communism is a flawed theory from the start. You may think that the holocaust was bad but it’s because all the information about the holocaust has been amplified by the Jews and different western media outlets over the last 70 years.

If the secrets of communism, namely the Chinese Communist Party is leaked to the west with evidence provided. All the horrific accounts of persecution and killing of Falun Gong practitioners and religious dissidents were released to the west. Then only will people understand the true, evil nature of communism.

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