Category: Tradition & Progress

  • Can Industrial Technology and Freedom Really Coexist?

    It’s been a few years since I first read prof. Kaczynski’s writings about the industrial revolution and its consequences. But I can’t help but notice that his works are more relevant than ever. Especially in the age of the so called “COVID-19 Pandemic,” with governments exerting ever more stringent technocratic […]

  • The Unifying Logos Between Christianity and Indo-Aryan Spirituality

    Many often believe Christianity to be somehow related to Judaism, hence the usage of the term “Judeo-Christian” is perceived by many as an accurate descriptor of the Christian Logos. But is this really the case? An Unfair World? A distinct contrasting quality between Christianity and Indo-Aryan spirituality is that Christians […]

  • What is Traditionalism?

    Traditionalism in theory and practice, explained contextually in a secular and metaphysical sense. This article is subject to change.

  • The Hidden Logos of Fairy Tales

    Throughout many cultures, fairy tales and folk legends have existed to harbor a message which could be interpreted through 2 significant lenses; either as simply entertaining tales with a moral message, or a well-disguised, deeply esoteric documentation of reality, revealing secrets about the nature and manifestation of the supreme logos. […]