Why You Shouldn’t Compare the Nazis to the Chinese Communist Party

Can the Chinese CCP be compared to the German Nazi Party? Definitely not. Maybe in some aspects, such as ethnic cleansing of Xinjiang. But generally speaking, The Chinese Communist Party is Nothing like Nazi Germany.

The Chinese Communist Party does not care for their citizens and treats Han, Tibetans and Uighurs equally miserably. In contrast, Nazi Germany prioritized Ethnic Germans whilst marginalizing other ethnic groups.

The only thing nationalistic about the Chinese Communist Party is their propaganda.

The Chinese Communist Party hates religion, anything deviating from the party line is illegal and “subversive.” In comparison, it is arguable that Nazis even did persecute religions, noted: the scale of which is incomparable to the targeted religious persecution of Chinese Christians, Muslims and Falun Gong Practitioners.

The Chinese Communist Party (as with other communist governments including the Soviet Union) hates traditional culture. Although they now claim to champion traditional Chinese culture (via the Confucius Institute), nothing can excuse the destruction thereof in the past 60 years alone. Nazi Germany, in contrast, tried their best to preserve traditional German traditions, festivals and customs. Adolf Hitler himself was a classically trained artist who focused on traditional architecture, criticizing and marginalizing “degenerate modern art (Entarete Kunst).”

The Chinese Communist Party hates the environment. The party philosophy includes “battling with the heavens and the Earth.” The Chinese Communist Party does not care about contaminating rivers, releasing harmful particulates into the atmosphere or destroying natural water flow in their ambitious dam projects.

Ethnic Germans were arguably living the life during Nazi Germany, if it wasn’t for the war and tough sanctions, Germany had real potential to surpass even the US with Innovation and Technology. The US in fact hired Nazi Scientists through Operation Paperclip.

I do not defend nor endorse the Nazis or any/all of their political views. It’s easy to use them as the definition of evil without going in depth about why. I think it’s important for any responsible media outlet to explain why they like or dislike certain historical parties and/or their actions.

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