American Globalists Don’t “Oppose” The CCP

Every so often, I see National Bolsheviks and cringe fringe trolls praise the “based” and “trad” Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

What people don’t seem to get about China is that Xi Jinping is just as senile, if more more so than Joe Biden. He’s like Mao 2.0, with no formal education outside of primary school.

The globalists (Soros, Blackrock, etc) want Xi out because he is destabilizing the CCP and jeopardizing their long term investment plans. The main plan being to replace Anglo-hegemony, turning China into the world’s top superpower.

US AI, military, etc, technology is being laundered through “allies” such as Israel which sells it to China, which is also an ally of Iran. So it’s very simple, Israel aren’t really enemies with Iran, they’re their greatest political bargaining chip in the region.

The American globalists are very much in favor of the Chinese Communist Party. Just because China is smart enough not to let Soros turn their kids into trannies, doesn’t mean they don’t want to see the same happen to “the West.”

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