Category: Rant

  • Pro-Russia🇷🇺 Rant #1

    Freedom is really about balancing the rule of law and corruption. For instance, very “stable” countries with very rigid rule of law become very dystopian and bureaucratic. Freedoms in these countries tend to be abstract, i.e. speech, expression, gay-rights, etc. But you can get fined or jailed for simply running […]

  • Rant: UberEats Ads are Unbearably Terrible

    UberEats advertisements are everywhere and I absolutely hate them (and I don’t usually hate things). They are extremely un-creative, obnoxious, unfunny and meaninglessly terrible ads. Bankrolling non-contextual celebrity cameos and weaponized cringe is Uber’s new face of avant-garde performance “art.” It is absolutely garbage and the ad agencies behind it […]