“Just Get a Trade” Says Conservative Inc.

I disagree with mainstream conservatives that say getting a trade or industry experience is superior to a formal academic education.

Sure, there are certainly degrees that are pointless, like stuff ending in -studies.
But some academic programs like mathematics, physics and Computer Science allows you immerse yourself in the art.

For instance, you’ll rarely find a software company that hires people who writes only C++ nowadays. Most modern programs are built on frameworks, Python, NodeJS etc.
It’s only really in academia where C++ and assembly are taught nowadays. Of course money is important, but in my opinion, knowledge (not cash) is king.

I get really annoyed by people who use “how long have you been in the industry?” As an almost an ad-hominem attack against people who have knowledge but no “industry experience.”

These kind of mainstream conservatives are used by our enemies to get us to surrender academia when we should be challenging left wing institutional hegemony.

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