Twitter is The Real Hotbed of Hate, Not Gab

There’s so much hatred on Big Tech platforms like Twitter. Hatred against God, hatred against the president and hatred for normalcy. The moment you disagree with their collective echo-chambers, you’re immediately bombarded with ad-hominem attacks and threats of real world actions (i.e. doxxing). Establishment platforms facilitate the spread of such hatred by aggregating and promoting such content.

Despite all this, they’re calling platforms like Gab, “hotbeds of hate,” their justification? An isolated terrorist incident that occurred in Pennsylvania more than 2 years ago (that the CEO @a immediately denounced). Why do they neglect to report the fact that Facebook was used to stream countless terrorist videos (i.e. Christchurch mosque shooting, ISIS beheadings and much much more) with next to no media backlash?

It is precisely the establishment’s jealousy of Gab’s welcoming, compassionate and inclusive environment that leads to this kind of blatantly biased media coverage. Viscous gaslighting of a growing platform is the best way to force conservative influencers to distance themselves from said platform. And this is exactly what they’ve done to Gab.

This is precisely what facilitated the growth of Parler, a free speech platform (founded 2 years after Gab) that feels more like a conservative news aggregator than an actual town square. While I like Parler as a platform, I will never shrug my belief that it would’ve never grown to what it is today without hedge-fund backing and/or promotion by big-name pundits and media juggernauts.

I will never shrug knowing that Gab was the original home of free speech.

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