The Globalist Nature of Organized Religion

Globalism is an root of evil, an expansive, invasive ideology that’s partially to blame for the collapse of many great civilizations over the course of the last 2000 years.

Behind this seemingly formidable force are powerful families, bloodlines and other satanic entities which inevitably lead to the Illuminati. The Illuminati seeks to subvert spirituality and society at every fundamental level in order to project their influence and establish their Utopian/humanist “New World Order.”

Of all the societal structures the globalists subverted, the most prominent of which are institutions of worship, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples and so on. Institutions never fully embraced by the prophets and figures that proceeded them.

Organizations such as the Catholic Church have embraced unconditional refuge, the homosexual “marriage” and the feminist movement. They have systematically disregarded all moral absolutes on which their original spirituality was based upon: traditional gender dynamics and the faculty of marriage; Objective morality is replaced with the subjective relativistic opinions of the Pope, who is becoming more “accepting” of “diverse” groups and basing the infallible doctrines on “proportionalist” ethics.

Buddhist circles in China have been completely top-to-bottom subverted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Beliefs that goes slightly contrary to the doctrines of the Chinese Communist Party are ostracised, persecuted and labeled as “cults” and “heretical organizations.”

In the west, Buddhism has been subverted by globalist “absolute-pacifism”, environmentalism and the liberal “hippy” movement. Much of what Buddhists believe in, pro-life values, deist and anti-fornication values were erased by the “new-age” agenda. Consequently, much of the more conservative Christian pastors and preachers have labeled Buddhism and Asian Spirituality as “anti-Christian.” Directing their attention away from the true anti-Christian satanic agenda of left-wing globalists and the Illuminati.

I strongly agree with the pan-left statement that “religion is the root of all evils.” However, the only reason this is the case is that religions were all fundamentally constructed with globalist intentions of control, expansion and power. This philosophy has overridden the spiritual growth promoted by Jesus, Buddha and Moses.

Religion is not what spiritual figures like Jesus originally intended.

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