What is Traditionalism?Sticky

Traditionalism in theory and practice, explained contextually in a secular and metaphysical sense. This article is subject to change. →Read more

The Three Faces of Judaism: Ethnic, Religious and Ideological

I believe we need to separate Judaism into 3 distinct categories: ethnic, religious and ideological. You can be a religious or ideological Jew without being ethnically Jewish. While I’m not denying there’s any biological link between being ethnically Jewish and ideologically Jewish, I believe that ideological Judaism is mostly a social construct. And like all social constructs, it can and should be critiqued, ostracized and deconstructed when appropriate. While ideological Judaism is not equivalent to […] →Read more

Pro-Russia🇷🇺 Rant #1

Freedom is really about balancing the rule of law and corruption. For instance, very “stable” countries with very rigid rule of law become very dystopian and bureaucratic. Freedoms in these countries tend to be abstract, i.e. speech, expression, gay-rights, etc. But you can get fined or jailed for simply running a business without a registration, fishing without a license, not wearing a mask in public, not wearing a seatbelt or enjoying fireworks on your own […] →Read more

“Just Get a Trade” Says Conservative Inc.

I disagree with mainstream conservatives that say getting a trade or industry experience is superior to a formal academic education. Sure, there are certainly degrees that are pointless, like stuff ending in -studies.But some academic programs like mathematics, physics and Computer Science allows you immerse yourself in the art. For instance, you’ll rarely find a software company that hires people who writes only C++ nowadays. Most modern programs are built on frameworks, Python, NodeJS etc.It’s […] →Read more

American Globalists Don’t “Oppose” The CCP

Every so often, I see National Bolsheviks and cringe fringe trolls praise the “based” and “trad” Chinese Communist Party (CCP). What people don’t seem to get about China is that Xi Jinping is just as senile, if more more so than Joe Biden. He’s like Mao 2.0, with no formal education outside of primary school. The globalists (Soros, Blackrock, etc) want Xi out because he is destabilizing the CCP and jeopardizing their long term investment […] →Read more

The Ridiculous Irony of “Crony Capitalism”

There are many people who laugh at the premise that “real communism has never been tried,” and rightfully so. However simultaneously hold the conflicting belief that all the flaws of capitalism can be reduced to “crony capitalism” or even outright say that “real capitalism has never been tried.” While many do not admit this fact, there is indeed a power vacuum in libertarian societies, wherein the only two sources of authority that can be used […] →Read more

A Theory of Socioemotional Archetypes

My theory states that that there exist 3 forms of socioemotional cultural archetypes: Pre-emotional, Emotional, Post-emotional; Pre-emotional includes most African tribes and culture. Human(s) which lack the concept of emotion and are driven by self-preservation. Pre-emotional people(s) lacks the faculty of divine virtue in either thought, action or even to articulate a facade of virtue. And hence pre-emotional people(s) lacks the faculty of art, empathy or sentimentality. This translates into the inability to sustain a […] →Read more

Is National Socialism the Same as Leftist Socialism?

This article was adapted from an answer by Paul White on Quora. There are two sides, both of which have a fundamental failure to understand the reality the nature of socialism of National Socialism. On the one hand you have conservatives who argue that there is literally no difference between the two, and on the other hand you have leftists who argue that there is absolutely nothing socialist about it and is just capitalism because […] →Read more

Something Happened to The News in 2013

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Can Industrial Technology and Freedom Really Coexist?

It’s been a few years since I first read prof. Kaczynski’s writings about the industrial revolution and its consequences. But I can’t help but notice that his works are more relevant than ever. Especially in the age of the so called “COVID-19 Pandemic,” with governments exerting ever more stringent technocratic measures against our bodily sovereignty and freedom of assembly. So called “experts” have flooded the mainstream airwaves with vaccine propaganda, hit-pieces against alt-facts and have […] →Read more

It’s Time To Build Our Own Economy

The problem with the American Populist movement is that it was centralized. Centralized movements give the enemy a central attack vector to target and overcome. One man, who took on the weight of the world, became the sole focus of both the enemy and of the American Populist movement itself for over five years. The oligarchs removed that one man from the entire internet, then they removed him from office. Everyone knows this, we all […] →Read more