Pro-Russia🇷🇺 Rant #1

Freedom is really about balancing the rule of law and corruption. For instance, very “stable” countries with very rigid rule of law become very dystopian and bureaucratic.

Freedoms in these countries tend to be abstract, i.e. speech, expression, gay-rights, etc. But you can get fined or jailed for simply running a business without a registration, fishing without a license, not wearing a mask in public, not wearing a seatbelt or enjoying fireworks on your own property, and so on.

In my opinion, it’s better to have a country where the government is just barely functional to protect citizens from foreign nations and to just let citizens live life the way they want.

I see more of this in Russia than in the “democratic” west. The “democratic” west (lately) has become more draconian, imitating the CCP to a degree and from what I can see, Russia has been a lot freer in almost every way.

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